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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hard drives and Haircuts!

Well what a stressful week this has been. My beloved  iMac which is now 4 years old decided to go die on me last week after we decided to upgrade to snow Leopard! Anyhow we soon realised the hard drive had frazzled! Luckily however I had been running an external hard drive for my time machine so 4 yrs worth of photo's and movies hadn't been lost thankfully :)
Please let this prompt you if you don't already do so to back up everything on a regular basis.
Anyhow I'm now up and running again with a new hard drive... Yippee!  I also decided to chop off all my hair and I must say I feel so much fresher with all that hair gone :)
I will back later with a card to share :)


Brenda said...

I can sympathize totally, as my hard drive went into the wild blue yonder a few months ago too! Fortunately, my computer guy was able to save all my files for me.... Did NOT (I KNOW!!!) have a back-up. Needless to say, I do now LOL.
Love the new hair-do. You look gorgeous!!!

Fliss said...

Sorry to hear about your iMac Lana and know what it's like as my beloved Mac laptop died on me on Christmas Eve 2010 and I now have an old iMac from my hubby's office which I hate as it's static.
Your new haircut looks great and strangely enough I've just had mine cut shorter too!
Hugs, Fliss xx

Regina Easter said...

girl i feel ya....i had a major computer crash...oh the way your new do is FANTASTIC...hugs

Sandy from Ukiah said...

What a scare, so glad to hear you had everything backed up.. i need to back up.. AND your hair looks just adorable. AND i just got my hair cut last week.. lol

E. Marie said...

My daughter's Mac died for the 2nd time at Christmas. Tried to replace the hard drive but the mother board was fried, too. She hadn't backed up and had some major college papers on it. Guess what she got for Christmas!! Love the haircut. You look great!!

Donna Ellis said...

Yikes! Like you, I am running Snow Leopard on two iMacs, and have not upgraded further because of some older docs which require special handling. I hope to convert them all soon. I did change my e-mail app so that it no longer required Rosetta, which is not available on Lion. Luckily, we have an external HD, too. I TB for time machine and 1TB for cloning. I'm glad you did not lose your data. That's a "Whew! What a close call!" Now, on to your wonderful new hair cut! As if your beauty could dare to be enhanced, you are even PRETTIER than ever! Beautiful hair, and a beautiful lady, with an even lovelier beautiful heart. Thanks for showing us your new "do".

Stampin' Hands have Happy Hearts said...

That's so scarey when you don't know if you've lost everything....a couple years ago I started backing up with Carbonite (on line) so I don't fret to much. Love, Love, Love the new cut!! It looks great on you:)