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Friday, 21 November 2008

I've Been Tagged

Hi Guys,
Well this is a first for me, I have been tagged not once but twice from two lovely talented ladies Donna and Krista . I could be here a while trying to narrow down the list of weird & random facts about moi!
Rule 1: As above
Rule 2: Here Goes:
1. I suffer from OCD and constantly wash my hands to the point where I have mild dermatitis :(
2. I have always hated people chewing near me and it drives my OH up the wall.
3. I really dislike reality TV programmes as I find them very false.
4. I think I was an owl or bat in a previous life as I am never in bed before 2am and then wonder why I constantly look like frankensteins bride! lol
5. I always wanted to be a singer but was never quite confident enough to go for it, however I did once audition for a band and sang in front of Louis Walsh! I didn't make the band but was told to go solo and go back but I never did :(
6. I am a serious tea drinker and drink at least 8 MUGS a day!!!!!!
7. I am very impulsive and when I get something in my head I have to do it right now!

Rule 3: Here are the people I am tagging. (I have chosen all the FunkyFairy's crew and there are 8 altogether)

Rule 4: I am off to let them know:)


Lesley said...

Lol! Thanks Lana! And I am the same about people chewing near me too hehe!! xx

LuLu said...

What a great set of facts about you ! ! ! I feel really boring now and will have to go off a have a real think about things.

Thanks Lana - a bit of fun over the weekend.

DeeDee said...

That was FUN stuff to hear about you...sure wish I could hear you sing!!!!! HUGS!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

You're a singer, huh? Wow, sooo multitalented, not that I'm surprised. So much fun finding out more about you. Hugs, Donna

Catherine said...

nice to know stuff about you, and you sure are a serious tea drinker :)

Frankenstein bride ... NOT, you're so pretty.

Have a great weekend.

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Oh my goodness...We have so much more in common then you could have ever guessed...The singing too...washing hands..Hmmm....we alway carry the hand gel and go through tons of bottles...I also stay up super late...LOL...Thanks for playing my dear friend...Krista

scotspanda said...

hi Lana, there is a wee award for you on my blog :)


Amanda xx

Regina Easter said...

wow lana, loved getting to know you a bit more...hugs

Sarah said...

Thanks for tagging me Lana, I have left something for you on my blog.

Sarah x