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Sunday, 26 October 2008

My Daily Craft Challenge.

Good Morning Everybody,
Don't forget it was officially the end of British summer time and the clocks went back at midnight!! I usually forget but at least when they go back we get the extra hour in bed (unless like me you have a toddler who likes to wake you at ridiculous times 4am !!! and you have only been in bed from 1am)!
Anyway to celebrate winter coming I have set myself a challenge to create something each day and upload it on my blog. I know it will be tough but this way I can try and start my christmas cards a little earlier instead of leaving them till last minute.
Feel free to join me with this so we can share our creations!
Happy Day!


~JulieH~ said...

Hi Lana
I can't promise I'll join you lol! But I will be checking your blog to see one of your new wonderful creations every day!