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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Thank you Christine

Hi all,
I would like to thank Christine from for kindly nominating me this award (Stempel Award)
I would now like to pass this award on to :
Sharon Caudle
Jade How
Julie Huxter
For all doing amazing and inspirational work!!!!


~JulieH~ said...

OOh Thanks Lana think I'd better start updating my blog I've done nothing for about 2 weeks! Thanks for my award and congrats to you on receiving it too!



Sharon Caudle said...

Congrats on receiving the award Lana!! You deserve it! And I'm truly honored that you would think of me for this! It's very much appreciated!!! HUGS!

Enfys said...

Thank you so much Lana, congrats to you as well. I really appreciate you thinking of me x